4 Ways to Create the Perfect Garden

All good gardens need to be colourful and smell delightful. Colourful gardens will look good which will only improve your home! This is where flowers come in; they can add colour and smell all by themselves. You can plant beautiful red roses that add a real deep colour to the garden. If you’re planting flowers, look no further than lavender. Lavender is an absolute must for all gardens. Not only do the flowers look pretty, but they also smell incredible.

You might be wondering why I’m putting an emphasis on smell in the garden. Well, I like to think that the ideal garden plays on more than one of your senses. It has to look good, smell good and sound good. If a garden smells nice, it will instantly be better than one that doesn’t.

Grow Some Fruit

Like I previously mentioned, the perfect garden needs a mixture of colours. It has to be bright, vibrant and full of life. Flowers do the trick, but so does fruit. You can plant various things like apple and pear trees that will add life to your garden. Then you can get different berry bushes to add another blend of colour in there.

Growing fruit is a fantastic way for you to transform your garden and take it to the next level. A garden without fruit is a garden wasted. You don’t even have to grow much, just plant what you can.

Make It Sound Good

Now, this may not make sense to you right now, but hear me out. You want your garden to sound good because it can create a nice atmosphere. What do I mean by sounding good? You want to hear the sounds of nature in your back garden. Get a bird feeder to attract birds and hear them chirp away. Consider getting a water fountain that gives you the natural sound of running water.

Alternatively, you can go down a different route. You could buy some outdoor speakers and place them around your garden. Then, you can set them up to play nature sounds throughout the day. It’s a neat little trick to use if you really want to go the extra mile.

Maintain the Lawn

Often, great gardens are separated from good gardens by the quality of their lawn. When you first walk in a back garden, you notice the lawn. If it’s brown and dry, your eyes are drawn to it for all the wrong reasons. But, a luscious green lawn is also eye catching. You should aim to keep your lawn as green and healthy as possible if you want it to look nice.

One of the main ways you can keep a lawn healthy is by regular mowing. But, make sure you aren’t cutting the grass on a low setting. If you cut a grass too short, that’s when it can start dying or you get awful muddy patches. Cut your lawn at a reasonable length so it still looks healthy.

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