10 Brilliant Kitchen Shortcuts You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Save time prepping food and make cooking easier with these cooking hacks that are pure genius.

Use an empty water bottle to separate egg whites and yolks

Crack an egg into a shallow bowl, then hold the mouth of the bottle near the yolk and gently squeeze. When you release the squeeze, you can deposit it into another bowl.

Cut corn with a Bundt pan

To remove corn from the cob quickly, stand the cob upright in the center 
of a Bundt pan. Holding the top of the cob steady, stroke a chef’s downward along the sides to remove kernels. Scrape the cob with the back of the release juices. Kernels and juice collect in the Bundt pan-meaning one less mess for you to clean up.

Skip the pasta rinse

Rinsing noodles washes away flavour and natural starch, which helps yummy sauce stick. It’s why some recipes suggest saving pasta water to use in sauce. Instead, skip the wash and spread drained pasta on a pan to cool.

Don’t cry over a broken cake…

Instead, make a trifle by layering salvaged cake pieces with fresh whipped cream and fruit in a pretty glass bowl, advises Tamar Adler, chef and author of An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace.

Keep counters clean with a baking sheet

Place all ingredients on an empty baking sheet prior to prepping them. (This will help you catch spills and avoid wasting time hunting for an item as you cook.)

Pizza wheels chop herbs

Turn in the chopping : Instead, roll over herbs like parsley and cilantro with a pizza wheel for quick and safe slicing. A pizza wheel also effortlessly chops foods like pancakes and pasta for small children.

For easier hard-boiled eggs, salt is your BFF

Want the shells of hard-boiled eggs to come off in big chunks instead of a million tiny pieces? Add a teaspoon of salt to the cooking water before putting in the eggs.

Clean a blender sans sponge

Fill it one-third full with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Run it for ten seconds. Rinse and dry.

Whip up gourmet bread crumbs in a pinch

Got extra burger or hot dog buns? Tear into pieces and freeze in a zipper-top bag. Ten to 20 pulses in a food processor will transform them into ready-to-use bread crumbs-no thawing necessary.

Juice a lemon with a microwave

Zap a lemon for ten seconds to break down cells and make the juice flow faster, suggests Laurent Tourondel, chef and partner at Arlington Club in New York City. This is good to remember when trying to squeeze out as much juice as possible for a vinaigrette.

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